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Marcus Moore
Marcus Moore thumbnail
Marcus Moore It's hard to single out a song that's a favorite, This whole album is fantastic, Musicianship and sonics are top notch. I'm already wondering how this album would sound on Vinyl, played through my stereo system. one could always hope for a physical release, this album is worthy!
Thank You Guys! Favorite track: Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve.
Funeral Fog
Funeral Fog thumbnail
Funeral Fog Personally, this is the best doom album I have heard since Kaunis Kuolematon's album from last year. This band deserves to be signed to a label, they're a perfect fit for Solitude Productions. Favorite track: Fra Jord til Støv.
Jeffrey A.
Jeffrey A. thumbnail
Jeffrey A. Lyrically and musically, this album is a masterpiece, that is without any doubt, my favorite Dalit release, with some of the best riffs of the whole Christian scene, and I could easily say this is an album that places Dalit as one of the most talented artists of the Death/Doom scene.

Full Review: www.beyondthegravemusic.com/2021/01/21/review-dalit-moksha/
diablomx thumbnail
diablomx The work on the lyrics is great, never limitated by their beliefs, but rich in rythm and vocabulary without getting too flamboyant.The melodies are filled with intense feeling. The smooth transitions between the gloomy heavyness to the melodic enlightment are awesome. Excelent chemistry among all the elements put on this record. Favorite track: Hallways of Sadness.
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With Hearts of flesh and walls of stone Be the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve Light a candle for every broken dream and all the world will burn Smoke arises from tall red chimneys And carry witness of an early grave Broken arrows and smothered limbs Tell me who am I to my next of kin? like this father one day realize that the son he used to be is the one that stands before him absorbing every blow So “love wins” yet another dismay while with indifference we’re watching our children decay our absolution is swollen and hollow The killing kind that reeks of disease Death, a gesture towards heaven Not mere serenity or a felicity of expression But a solemn gravity tugging towards life This basic human feature Of a creation gone astray The robe was torn apart as lots were cast that night
White, red, Black and pale Conquest, war, Famine and death Reaching in, cutting out Deep inside Beyond layers of diversions, a faceless grin A stream of vengeance, tainted brown Dripping down from my wounds of shame It takes a village to raise a child But where does this leave us In a world of children the fate of man? Give me Karma Upon a bed of ashes Give me pain and laughter To temper indifference For my people are foolish, they don’t know me They are blinded children, they don’t know me They have no understanding from the gallows we sigh I don’t know him For my people are foolish they do not know me They are stupid children and they have no understanding They are skilled in doing evil but do not know how to do good I looked on the earth, and it was waste and void And to the heavens, they had no light I looked on the mountains, and they were quaking All the hills moved to and fro I looked and there was no one at all And all the birds of the air had fled I looked and the fruitful land was a desert And all the cities were laid in ruins Before the Lord Before his fierce anger in this best of all possible worlds
Starlight 04:42
From the shores of a distant cosmic memory I count the stars of every human soul Who among them can tell me what it takes To heal these barren desert lands To wash away the blood red sand A heavy burden Facts on the ground Remind us of the debt we owe To every child in time So I’m counting stars To weave dreams of narrower paths To take us from These cold and empty rooms Forgive these worn out words Softly kissing your ears And all the broken Promises Deceivers of hearts I’m counting stars to weave dreams of narrower paths To take me from these empty rooms Into where I can see I am sorry for all the empty worn out words Softly kissing your ears And all the promises made To take hold of hearts To make it easy to forget To live and still know To count the stars in every soul And now you know
Anthem 05:41
Who is this worn out sad old man Staring at me from the mirror? In anger he speaks to me in whispers, then through sighs “all those years they got the best of me” Tomorrow will all be different A chance to make things right Tomorrow we'll pay our dues The dawn of new born lies One day I will testify And all the world will know because hopes and dreams are made of this and one day it will show Before I die I’ll do the things once spoken of Yet the promises of yesterdays keep piling up from below Next year will be different I can feel it drawing near A Belief in all that brought us here A Belief that things will change Our future is brought forth by the trembling hands and the words remain the same
I walk alone upon cold and rusty rails to new found places where choice still stand to be made up and worn out to where warring possibilities Fight over obsessions Come join me to where lovers gaze in wonder from bottomless depths of solitude Conquering grain by grain, hand to mouth these shores of euphoric harmony far away from those ivory towers of long dead men pursuing wretched ideals out of reach dead out of touch with their own humanity Per me si va ne la città dolente, per me si va ne l'etterno dolore Struggling their way up countless steps up ragged hills, like moths to flame This, an elegy for desperate hearts eager to be heard Dying to be served – dying for the world that sold them so cheap
Red (pt. I) 02:36
Red (pt. II) 05:10
Caught in the torrents Of right and wrong Of good and bad Where life atones Pulling me down towards the bottom To where masters serve as slaves To the source of hope of dreams of change The seed of life that never grows To the dead end road of a life gone by The one last hit that will lead us all home Take me there beyond what’s known take me far away cause I’m buried here in days that were And yearn the great escape Pull me down towards the bottom To where masters serve as slaves I catch a glimpse of maybe slowly passing by Out of reach, out of time Out of tune, out of life Reveal to me The mysteries of life Play me now the symphonies Of self-control gone blind Play me the melody Of bitter tears turned to dust Play me like you’ve never played before Play me until it ends
De høye fjell og dype daler Folkehav og dyreliv Vitner om vårt arvelodd Drømmen om livet i visshet om døden For livet slik det er Har sitt opphav i deg Som i din viljes frihet valgte oss frem Ikke fordi du måtte men ville det slik Fra nød i overflod vi beskuer din himmel Mellom tro og tvil fra jord til støv I sorg og glede vi lever under din himmel Mellom tro og tvil Fra jord til støv Bare slik ser vi lengre bortenfor alt slit Til veiens ende ditt himmelrik For livet slik det er har sitt opphav i deg som I din viljes frihet valgte oss frem Ikke fordi du måtte men ville det slik Bare slik ser vi lengre fra jord til støv


On the verge of a new year, DALIT has chosen to unleash their new album MOKSHA, to make sure we all get a fresh start from the chaos-ridden 2020.

Eight tracks of sorrow-laden metal, filled to the brim with epic melancholy will be released upon the earth on the 15th of January, 2021.

It forms a voyage through the darkest corners of the human mind, now and then carefully sprinkled with scattered rays of light – varying from thundering riffs and blasting metal, to the more tender strokes of clean vocals and soaring guitar harmonies.

Musically, the record continues the musical landscapes mapped out on their previous efforts, yet at the same time find themselves exploring new landscapes at the fringes of sonic brutality and melancholy, firmly combined and backed up by a plethora of minor chords.

The title MOKSHA refers to the idea of salvation equals being released from the chains of life, present in so many eastern religions. Sadly, for too many among us, this principle implies/represents a truth of life, regardless of religious affiliations. Moreover, their suffering is most often rooted in the neglect and exploitations of others.

As most of the songs on the record represent perspectives on this rite of passage, the journey from life to death, in every human life, the title combines the various the lyrical themes into a single one: If life is suffering, and death without rebirth equals salvation, something is terribly wrong with how we value, tend to, and nourish human lives.

MOKSHA will certainly not keep you warm through the winter to come, but embodies a fine and thought-provoking companion on your journey towards a brave new
(Covid-free) world, and hopefully beyond.


released January 15, 2021

Eirik Hellem: Bass & Vocals
Cato Gulaker: Drums
Erlend Trengereid: Guitars
Jon Ivar Larsen: Guitars
Guro Birkeli: Vocals

Also appearing:
Henriette Lindstad Børven: Violin on FRA JORD TIL STØV
Jon Ivar Larsen: Keys on STARLIGHT and additional vocals on HALLWAYS OF SADNESS
Cato Gulaker: Additional vocals on STARLIGHT and SONS OF ADAM DAUGHTERS OF EVE

Produced by DALIT
Mixed and masted by Endre Kirkesola
Drums, Guitars, Vocals and Bass recorded by Jon Ivar Larsen
Violin recorded by Simen Daniel Børven

Thanks to Alpha, Our patient families, Samuel Durling, Markus & NM, Mantric, Leonov, Flukt, Omega


all rights reserved



DALIT Norway

From its conception in 2006 and throughout the years, epic crunching metal wrought with somber melodies has been the trademark of the band. Blending the raw and ice-cold nerve of the Scandinavian black metal scene with a distinct nod and apt sensitivity towards the melancholic touch of the British doom scene of the nineties. ... more

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